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Why we exist...

Extreme Sports Performance was founded by Ryan Blake in 2018. After spending all of our lives playing, competing & coaching school, county, national & international sport, we have followed a continued pathway & profession in health, exercise & sport. There are many talented & aspiring athletes of all ages & in all sports that do not have the knowledge & support to help them improve. We offer innovative sports science solutions that are expertly applied by experienced practitioners. These are made accessible to all, not just the elite few. This makes the difference to people need to help them excel in their chosen sport, event or goal. Our approach is based upon the specialisms we’ve developed, the systems we used & the success we’ve had!



How we work...

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Individualised strength & conditioning programs specific to fitness, season & sport...

Adaptive nutrition plans personally tailored to health, training & performance...

Who we work with...







Competing at elite level

Performing at recreational level



Adventure (Earth, Water, Snow, Air)

Endurance (Swim, Cycle, Run)