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Elite Club & Academy Oversight

  • Create seasonal integrated science & medical team systems & processes.
  • Lead, plan & deliver the provision of annual individualised strength & conditioning programs for each member of professional & academy squads.
  • Enhance physical performance, reduce injury risk & aid in the rehabilitation of players who have sustained injury or had surgical procedures.
  • Create independent performance testing protocols in keeping with the physical benchmarks for specific sports.
  • Provide full or part-time support for testing, training & game days.
  • Customised athlete monitoring, review & feedback systems.

Professional Athlete Support

  • Providing scientific tools & data that enable athletes to solve problems & make better decisions. 
  • Making transitions easier between teams, seasons & extended competitive calendars.  
  • Adding value to existing systems & process that allow for a more meaningful & extended career.
  • Working directly with individual athletes on a private basis.
  • Partnering with sport agents & agencies as part of a wider support network.


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