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Athlete Profiling

  • Kinanthropometric Analysis
    • Advanced scientific measurement of body composition that can accurately categorise specific somatotypes & identify physique related factors directly applied to sports performance.
  • Movement Screening
    • Tool to identify weakness & asymmetries of mobility & flexibility. 
  • Competency Assessment
    • Process that categorises quality & control of specific movement patterns.
  • Fitness testing
    • Data collection of individual or combined physical qualities that include work capacity, strength, speed, power & endurance.

Applied Strength & Conditioning

  • Physical training programs combined with coaching.
  • Develop physical attributes, enhance movement mechanics, reduce likelihood of injury & improve overall sports performance.

Sport Specific Enhancement

  • Generic or individualised solutions that can be applied to any discipline.

Training Facility Design

  • Experienced consultancy offering expert advice. 
  • Planning, building, outfitting, implementation & management of tailor made performance centres.



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